170 V (W136)

170 V (W136) (1937-1953)

The 170 V was introduced in 1937 as the successor to the Typ 170 (W15). The model received a couple of facelifts in the course of the years. In 1952 for instance, the louvres on the side of the bonnet (hood) were replaced by two horizontal strips. The spare wheel cover was an optional extra.

1952 Mercedes 170 V

The “V” in the 170 V’s name was an abbreviation of “Vorn” (front), added to differentiate it from the contemporary rear-engined Mercedes-Benz 170H (W28). “H” stands for “Heck”, rear).

A luxury version of the 170 was introduced in 1949: the slightly larger 170S (W191).