Austin 8, 10, 12 and 16

Austin Eight * Ten * Twelve * Sixteen 1939-1949

“THE AUSTIN EIGHT, built for long life and dependable carefree running, is a car which offers the public the highest motoring value commensurate with economical running costs, and as a 4-door saloon it will command an increasing popularity.
Pleasing in appearance, the car provides comfortable seating for four adults. The lively four-cylinder engine gives a very satisfying performance, while Girling brakes, variable ratio Cam gear steering and the wide window visibility, ensure a car that is safe and easy to drive. Left hand steering is optional.

1939 Austin 8 and 10

THE AUSTIN TEN, considered by many as the ideal family car, provides really comfortable motoring for four adults. The divided centre arm rest for the rear seat and the large, deep front seats evidence its exceptionally generous accommodation.
The engine with its counterbalanced crankshaft and improved cylinder head design gives the car an exceedingly smooth and fine road performance; there is ample power for all normal requirements and running costs are low.
The car is pleasant and safe to drive under all conditions, and is equipped for long life and dependable care-free running in every respect. Left hand steering is optional.”

Source: Austin brochure

Austin 12-16

1939 Austin 12 & 16

“The name Austin is synonymous the world over with dependable and care-free motoring. This invaluable reputation, which has been built up over the past forty years, is now further enhanced by the resources of the modern plant and skilled engineers today responsible for the production of Austin cars.

The present Austin Sixteen saloon offers the finest all-round value in medium-sized cars. Of proved design and construction, and available as a four-door de-luxe saloon with many attractive coachwork features, the Sixteen, powered with an overhead-valve four-cylinder engine, has an outstanding performance with rapid hill climbing and excellent acceleration as notable features.”