Austin A120 and A125

Austin A120 / A125 Sheerline and Princess 1947-1954

1947 Austin A120 Princess

Austin A125 Sheerline


The Princess Saloon, on the Austin “A120” chassis has individual coachwork designed and built by craftsmen of the famous firm of Vanden Plas.

Evolved as a luxury ‘Sports’ Saloon the car has a twin carburetter six-cylinder overhead-valve engine giving a high top speed with rapid acceleration. In addition independent front suspension, steering column gear control and a hypoid rear axle are further outstanding features of this very fine car which combines quiet running with ease of control at all times.

Built to accommodate six persons the Princess Saloon has a convertible individual or single-piece front seat which also provides folding tables and foot rests for the rear passengers. The seats, front and rear, have fixed side and folding centre arm rests with Dunlopillo overlays and vaumol luxan grain leather and all-wool cloth upholstery.

Visibility through the toughened glass screen and windows is excellent and the driver can adjust the front seat and the steering column to obtain the most comfortable position for controlling the car.

All doors are forward hinged, have noiseless locks and dust sealing and their swept design conceals the running boards. At the rear there is a large built-in luggage compartment and below this the spare wheel is conveniently housed in a recess accessible by sliding down the panel carrying the number plate.

Constructed of composite steel and light alloy the coachwork is fully sound insulated and rubber mounted to the chassis frame. The fascia panel is of walnut veneer and the square dial instruments are mounted centrally on a detachable panel. To the left of the instruments there is a closed glove compartment and to the right is located the controls and front speaker for the built-in Ekco radio. A second speaker is installed in the parcel shelf behind the rear seat squab.

Other notable interior features include a built-in heating and ventilation unit with provision for screen de-misting and de-frosting, ash trays front and rear, a cigar lighter, map reading lamp and dual interior lamps at the rear controlled from the fascia and by the opening and closing of the doors at night.

Source: Austin brochure