Austin A40 Farina

A40 Farina 1958-1967

1962 Austin A40 Farina Mk II

Some of the unique selling points:

Exciting to drive!

Brilliant in appearance and performance, and styled by Farina of Italy this new Austin A40 is a most attractive investment and starts a new trend in motoring fashion.

Initially low in cost, it is easy and cheap to maintain, but nevertheless built to the same stringent standards that one expects from Austin. You will be thrilled with its handling qualities. Visibility all round is excellent – there is no difficulty in manoeuvring this car, however restricted the space may be. Step inside and see just how big the interior really is – how comfortable and relaxing the ingenious design has made it.

And on the road, note also the quietness of the ride, the absence of dust and draught – for the body of this car has been extensively sealed and insulated against road noise. You cannot lock yourself out of the A40! Both doors and windows can be locked from inside and outside, but the design is such that the doors cannot be slam-locked from outside. Whatever your choice of colour and interior trim there is certain to be a pleasing combination to suit your taste, for the range is wide, being carefully matched and selected by colour experts.

Source: Austin A40 Farina brochure


Austin A40 Countryman
The most noticeable difference between the MkI and the Mk II is the wider grille. Other changes were a new instrument panel and other refinements to the interior, such as a winding mechanism for the door windows (on the Mk I you had to lower and lift the window by hand). Engine size was increased from 948 c.c. to 1098 c.c.