Austin A90 / A95 Westminster

A90 / A95 Westminster 1954-1959

1955 Austin A90 Westminster

Austin A90 Westminster
Press Release 19 October 1955


Completely New High Performance Saloon Announced.

As a last-minute Motor Show surprise Austin today (October 19th) announce a completely new saloon which is remarkable for its low price and high performance. Named the ‘A.90 Six Westminster’ its ex.Works price in Great Britain is £558 plus £233. 12s. 6d. P.T. for the Standard model and £588 plus £246. 2s. 6d. for the De-Luxe model. Although powered by a six cylinder engine, it costs fifty pounds less than the four-cylinder A.70 Hereford which it replaces.

The key to the Westminster’s smooth 90 m.p.h. performance can be obtained from its specification -the 2,639 c.c. O.H.V. power unit develops 85 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. and its maximum torque of 150 lbs. ft. at 2,000 r.p.m. yet the complete car weighs only 26 cwt.

These facts give it great flexibility and smoothness, good pulling power at all speeds, and vivid acceleration. The same safe handling qualities which have already excited so much favourable comment in the new A.40-A.50 Cambridge are present in this car. The steering is light and positive, visibility excellent, and the brakes and headlamps fully match its performance potential.

Prototypes have undergone extensive testing both at home and abroad including a thousand miles of the Belgian pavé track at the Motor Industry Research Association Proving Ground.

The Westminster bears a family resemblance to the Cambridge but quite apart from its greater size has many individual styling features. Chromium flashes emphasise its pleasing lines and its roomy interior is very fully and luxuriously equipped. The Standard model has seats trimmed in P.V.C.-coated fabric; floor covered with rubber mat at front, carpet at rear; single sun visor and a single horn; with heater, radio and electric clock as optional extras. The De Luxe model has heater; seat facings of hide; carpets front and rear; armrests; twin sun visors; locking glove box lid; twin horns; chromium mouldings; and bumper overriders; with a radio and electric clock as extras.

Like the Cambridge the car has unitary construction, but it is a five/six seater and all models have four doors. Colour choices include: Chestnut; Phoenix Beige; Spruce Green and Black.

From the brochure:

Lovely to look at, with its exciting new styling, the Austin A105 saloon presents a delightfully graceful appearance on all occasions.

Following on the super-luxury standard set by its predecessor, the interior of this latest model from Austin of England is fully equipped and superbly upholstered for the lasting comfort of its occupants. Radio, heater and overdrive are offered as extra items of equipment when required.

And not just good to look at either, for the A105 has a powerful O. H .V. six-cylinder twin-carburetter engine producing an output in the region of 102 b.h.p.! This quite definitely permits quick getaway, smooth powerful hill-climbing and high cruising speeds in safe, super road-holding comfort.