Austin A90 Atlantic

A90 Atlantic 1949-1952

Austin A90 Atlantic
Austin A90 Convertible

The brochure describes the A90 Atlantic as:

MODERN in every detail and designed for a brilliant performance, the A90 Atlantic Sports Saloon is a car of distinction that will bring an added zest to business or pleasure motoring. The gracefully styled four-or-five seater saloon body is a delight to the eye, and the attractive interior, softly upholstered, gives a high degree of passenger comfort.

All round unobstructed visibility is one of the many practical features of this car, while motoring enthusiasts will revel in the vivid acceleration and high cruising speeds afforded by the four-cylinder O.H.V. engine, fitted with twin S. U. carburetters.

A comfortable driving position with outstanding visibility and carefully positioned controls, ensures safe and easy handling.