Elva [UK] 1955-1968/69

Elva began as a sports/racing car, powered by Coventry-Climax or Ford engines. The first road-going car was produced in 1958. This was the Courier.

1964 Elva GT160

The 2-litre Elva BMW GT 160 was designed by Fiore of Paris and the aluminium coachwork was by Fissore of Turin. The car was extremely low – it stood just 40 inches (1 metre) high. Powered by a 1991 cc dry-sump BMW engine it was capable of a top speed of 160 mph (257 kmh). A glass-fibre version was to be made available for the UK market.

In 1964 Elva was taken over by Trojan Ltd. and production ceased in 1969.