Anglia EO4A

Ford Anglia EO4A (1940-1948)

This is the original Anglia. Basically the same mechanically as the pre-war 7Y. It had transverse springs both front and rear and mechanical brakes. The Autocar road test of 26 April 1940 had the following to say about the brakes and roadholding: “The Girling brakes give confidence. A rapid emergency pull-up can be made, and for the great majority of driving occasions when a milder braking effect is required, they act admirably, with a light pedal pressure. The transversely arranged half-elliptic springs provide a suspension which takes the worst sting out of a really bad surface such as may sometimes be encountered”. Undoubtedly an example of the famous Britsh understatement!

Ford 4
1940 Ford Anglia

The model shown here was sold in Holland as the Ford 4 Tudor Sedan and was manufactured at Ford’s Amsterdam works.