Ford Prefect

Ford Prefect (1938-1959)

The Ford Prefect was the four-door version of the Anglia and Popular models. Slightly up-market.

E93A 1938-1949

1938 Ford Prefect E93A

E493A 1949-1953

This was a facelift of the earlier model. It now had fared-in headlamps and a completely new grille.

1949 Ford Prefect and Anglia
1949 Ford Prefect and Anglia

100E 1953-1959

1953 saw the introduction of a thoroughly new model. Gone was the separate chassis transverse springs and mechanical brakes, and in were a unitary body, independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes.

1958 Ford Prefect

Ford Prefect Interior
1954 Ford Prefect Interior