Ford Vedette 1953

Ford Vedette 1953-54

By 1953 the Vedette had acquired a modern one-piece windscreen. A Dutch brochure boasts about the vehicle being manufactured at the Amsterdam works, but reassures the reader that it is an American design and is constructed under the supervision of American engineers (no mention of France here).

Ford Vedette brochure
1954 Ford Vedette

A road test in the 18 December 1954 issue of Bedrijfsvervoer magazine notes that French Ford’s reputation was at an all time low, but that opinion was based on the first few years after the war, when materials were scarce and quality was less of an issue. Nowadays (1954) the French Ford is just as good as any Ford product. This apparently explains the stress on ‘American’ in the Dutch brochures.

1954 Ford Vedette Sunliner

The Vendôme sported a 3923cc V8 engine and according to the Dutch brochure was at one point available upon request only!