Benz 1885-1926; Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (Mercedes) 1901-1926; Daimler-Benz 1926 to date.

Emil Jellinek, a wealthy owner of and dealer for Daimler cars, persuaded Wilhelm Maybach, Daimler’s Chief Designer, to build a high-performance car. Jellinik entered the car in the Nice Week races under his daughter’s name, Mercedes. Jelinek sold Daimler cars in France under the name of Mercedes because of legal problems with Panhard-Levassor, who owned the Daimler licences for France. Sales figures and more racing results led Daimler to adopt the Mercedes name in 1902.
In 1926 Mercedes merged with Benz and from then on cars were sold under the name of Mercedes-Benz, although the company was named Daimler-Benz.