Minx Phase 2 to 8

Hillman Minx Phases 2 to 8 (1947-1957)

The Hillman models were referred to as ‘Phases’ or ‘Marks’. Phase 2 to 8 models were very similar.

1951 Hillman Minx Phase 5
1950 Hillman Minx Phase 4
The author with the family’s first car.

1953 Hillman Minx Phase 6
1956 Hillman Minx Phase 8a

This new two-tone colour scheme was referred to as the ‘Gay Look’. The chrome strip running the entire length of the car differentiates it from the Phase 8. The brochure describes it thus: ‘New side moulding in chrome and bolder number plate plinth for extra smartness!’ The Convertible and Californian retained their Phase 8 looks.