Morris 1100

Morris 1100 ADO16 (1962-1971)

The ADO16 – Morris 1100 (and its sister car, the Austin 1100) were very popular in their day. They shared the concept of hydrolastic suspension with the mini but were a larger car altogether. In Holland the car was known as the ‘Glider’ (at least the Austin version was) and in Denmark, as the above advert from a Danish newspaper shows, it went by the name of Marina. British Leyland later used the Marina name for the 1100’s successor. The Morris 1100, two and four door models, were launched on August 15th 1962 . The Morris 1100, like its smaller sister, the Mini, was designed with a tranverse engine and front wheel drive, which gave the car lots of space for the passengers and their luggage, and of course great roadholding. In October 1962, the MG 1100 two door and four door versions were announced. Fitted with a twin-carburettor version of the 1098cc A series engine, this model featured the traditional MG front grille and more luxurious trim. Other variations included the Wolseley Wasp, Riley Kestrel and VandenPlas Princess 1100 models. Innocenti of Milan also produced a version of the 1100. The Austin 1100 models, introduced in September 1963, differed from the Morris version only in that the typical Austin grille (eight bars) and a different facia panel layout were adopted.