NSU (DE) 1905-1969

Like so many other manufacturers, NSU were already well established producers of bicycles before they started with cars. The first NSUs appeared in 1905. The factory in Heilbronn was sold to Fiat in 1930. NSU gave up cars and continued to manufacture motorcycles in the old Neckarsulm works. In 1958 NSU decided to start car production once again. In 1969 NSU merged with Audi to form Audi-NSU-Auto Union A.G. NSU-Fiat (from 1959 onwards renamed Neckar) lasted from 1930 to 1966, building Fiats for the German market.

The first post-war model was the 20 hp Prinz introduced in 1958. NSU are famous for the first Wankel-engined car, a roadster version of the Sport Prinz. 1968 saw the introduction of the Wankel engined RO80. The last NSU project, the K70, appeared later as the VW K70 after NSU merged with AUDI in 1969. The RO80 was the last car to bear the NSU emblem.