Panhard et Levassor

Panhard, formerly Panhard et Levassor, was established in 1889, the first automobile manufacturing company in the world.

After World War II Panhard manufactured cars such as the Dyna X, Dyna Z, PL 17, 24 CT and 24 BT. The Dyna X and the first series of Dyna Zs had aluminium bodywork. The later Dyna Z and the PL 17 models had steel bodywork. Panhard styling was, well, different from the rest. And if the looks were not enough, the air-cooled flat two-cylinder engine made a distinctive note that made everyone pay attention.

The last car Panhard produced was a 24 B in 1967. Since then the company has continued to manufacture armoured vehicles as part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën conglomerate.