Riley RM Series

Riley RM Series (1945-1955)

A high performance saloon with traditional looks, the car sported a twin-cam engine with hemispherical combustion chambers. The car had a timber-framed body and a fabric covered roof. Fully hydraulic brakes replaced the hydro-mechanical ones in 1952.

1952 Riley 1,5 litre
The 2.5 litre model looked identical to the 1.5 , but was 7 inches longer. Roadholding is said to be not quite as good as that of the 1.5 litre.

These handsome Rileys with distinctive fabric roofs were fitted with the pre-war 1.4- and 2.4-litre engines, the larger capacity car being available until 1953. Torsion bar front suspension and high gear rack and pinion steering contributed to good road holding. The cars had well finished interiors. A two door drophead coupé 2.5-litre model also appeared in 1948 but only few were made. RM Rileys have a separate and particularly sturdy chassis.

A restyled model was introduced in 1954 (below). Note the helmet-shaped front wings, built-in fog lamps and lack of running boards

1954 1,5 litre RME

1954 RME Press Photo
As Riley put it: “Imaginative re-styling brings to the 1.5 litre Riley an enhanced grace, a fresh new beauty, that will captivate all who appreciate the finer points of motor-car design. Skillful streamlining of the wings, faired torpedo-shaped headlamps which merge into the bonnet structure, inset foglamps, plus smart, shapely spats over the rear wheels, all combine to reduce wind resistance still more”.



Extensive body restyling, providing greater ease of access, is the outstanding feature of the latest Riley 1 1/2 litre Saloon announced today by The Nuffield Organization.
Completely redesigned front and rear wings and the abolition of the running board in favour of sill panels enhance its appearance and afford easier access for the occupants. Spats partially shroud the rear wheels but leave the wheel centres exposed.
The side lamps are now faired into the front wings and beneath the re-shaped headlamps are twin fog lamps recessed into the wings as standard fittings.
The Riley 1 1/2 litre Saloon retains the well-proved 4-cylinder engine of 1496 c.c. which develops 55 b.h.p. at 4,500 r.p.m. With the coach-built body, the complete design, well-known for its low centre of gravity and Riley “Torsionic” independent front suspension, enables long journeys to be covered effortlessly and in absolute safety. All upholstery is covered in the finest quality leather; a folding centre armrest is fitted to the rear seat and ash trays are readily to hand to drivers and passengers.
A full set of instruments, including a water temperature gauge, ammeter and clock, are well grouped in a handsome walnut panel. A heater, with in-built demisting ducts, is fitted as standard.

The home list price of the Riley 11/2 Litre Saloon is;-

List Price: GBP 850. 0. 0

Purchase Tax: GBP355. 5. 10

Total GBP 1,205. 5. 10

Specification (1952 Riley 2.5 Litre)

Engine Twin cam, straight 4, 2443cc Power 101 bhp @ 4500 rpm
Transmission 4 speed manual
Chassis Chassis + timber-framed body
Suspension Independent front and live axle rear
Brakes hydro-mechanical drum/hydraulic drum
Top Speed 153 km/h
Acceleration 0-80 km/h: 18.6 s