“One of Britain’s Fine Cars”

Like so many famous makes, Rover started off in the 19th Century manufacturing bicycles. The first motorcar was produced in 1904, fitted with a single-cylinder 8 hp engine. It had many special features that distinguished it from other makes at that time. In 1911 Rover introduced the Twelve, a 2.3 litre 4-cylinder motor, a car that established the factory’s reputation for quality. The Twelve remained Rover’s top of the line model until 1924, when they started building larger cars. In the 1940s Rover built a series of elegant saloons and coupes with classic lines. In 1949 the P4 set new standards for build quality, comfort and luxury. In 1964 no fewer than 130.000 were sold. The P5 (1958) was a larger and more luxurious car, initially fitted with a 3-litre engine. In 1967 the now famous ex-Buick 3.5 litre V8 was fitted to the P5 bodyshell. The elegant P6 was introduced in 1963. The revolutionary SD1 model was introduced in 1976 and promptly won the coveted 1977 Car of the Year award.

The Rover make was taken over by BMW in 2000. Today, the Rover marque is dormant, and is currently owned by Jaguar Land Rover.