Saab 93

Saab 93 (1956-1960)

The 93 was introduced in December 1955. A 748cc 53hp 3 cylinder engine replaced the original 2 cylinder unit. Coil suspension was used instead of torsion bars. The car had a restyled front.

1957 SAAB 93B

1957 SAAB 93B


Ten new features of the 1958 Saab
There are many important innovations on the new model of Saab-93 now put on the market. The most striking feature of the Saab-93B, as the new model is called, is the undivided. arched wind-screen enclosed by an elegant metal. In conjunction with the new windscreen, there are improved wind-screen wipers, which have a considerably expanded cleaning surface. A three-position, vertically adjustable back seat is an advancement that many will appreciate. In the highest position even the small children get a good view. Double-acting door stops prevent the doors from closing as passengers enter. The doors also have an American type safety-lock, which keeps them from springing open if the door becomes deformed. Attachments for safety-belts are now standard. Further, the hand brake lever has been raised 10 cm to make it more convenient to reach. Another feature of the car is a self-mixing petrol tank, and in addition it is now possible to reduce the oil admixture in the petrol to 3 % or 1 l. oil to 33 l. petrol. The Saab-93B is also equipped with blinkers.

Source: SAAB Press Release, September 3, 1957.


1957 SAAB 93 B
Convenient access to the luggage compartment 🙂 A 45 hp version called the GT750 was introduced in 1958. The station wagon version, the 95, appeared in 1959. The 93B gave way to the 93F which had front-hinged doors and various other improvements