Simca Sport

Simca 8 & 9 Sport (1949-1954)

The Simca 8 Sport went on sale in 1949. It was built by coachbuilder Facel-Métallon. It was available as a coupé and a cabriolet.

simca 8
1950 Simca 8 Sport

The Simca 9 appeared in June 1952 and was built until 1954. It was a development of the Simca 8, but as the 9 Sport was of a unibody design, it was not offered as a convertible.

1953 Simca 9 Sport

The 9 Sport name was dropped in September 1954. For 1955 the car was renamed the Simca Coupé de Ville (with the same bodywork).

simca sport