Audi 100

Audi 100 (1968-1994)

The Audi 100 was an E-segment / executive car. There were four generations, known internally as C1 to C4. in 1994 the Audi 100 was renamed the A6.

1972 Audi 100 LS

1975 Audi 100 Coupé

1992 Audi 100 quattro

Audi 80

Audi 80 (1972-1996)

B1 (1972-1978)
1972 Audi 80

The B1 Audi 80 was manufactured between 1972 and 1978.

1972 Audi 80 GL

B2 (1978-1986)
1981 Audi 80

B4 (1991-1996)
1992 Audi 80

1992 Audi 80 Coupé

Dodge Omni

Dodge Omni (1978-1990)

The Dodge Omni (and Plymouth Horizon) was a five-door hatchback for the North American market. It was designed together with the Chrysler-Simca (later Talbot) Horizon. For the American market the front suspension was changed from torsion bar to McPherson struts. The Dodge and Plymouth models were fitted with a Volkswagen 1700 cc engine, suitably modified by Chrysler, as the European Simca engines were deemed too puny.

Dodge Omni
1981 Dodge Omni

Simca 1307

Simca 1307 (1975-1986)

The Simca 1307 was a large family car produced by Chrysler Europe and subsequently PSA Peugeot Citröen from 1975 to 1986. It was designed in the United Kingdom and engineered by Simca in France.

Simca 1307
1977 Dutch advertisement for the Simca 1307 / 1308

In its day it was a modern, front-wheel drive hatchback. It was voted the 1976 European Car of the Year.

Chrysler Alpine
Chrysler Alpine

The model went by various names, including Simca 1308 and 1309 (with larger engines), Chrysler Alpine (UK and Ireland, and later Talbot 1510 / Talbot Alpine / Talbot 150. After the PSA takeover, and adoption of the Talbot brand name, they also brought out a saloon version, called the Talbot Solara.

Matra Simca Rancho

Matra Simca Rancho (1977-1984)

1977 Matra Simca Rancho
1977 Matra Simca Rancho

1977 Matra Simca Rancho
1977 Matra Simca Rancho

1977 Matra Simca Rancho
1977 Matra Simca Rancho

Ford Escort (Europe)

Ford Escort (Europe) (1975-2000)

Ford Escort Mk II (1975-1980)

The Mark II Escort was developed by Ford of Britain and Ford Germany.

1975 Ford Escort Mk II

Ford Escort Mk II

VW Type 2

VW Transporter (Bulli) Type 2 (1949 to date)

The transporter, bus or Bulli as it is known in Germany, has gained cult status. The Dutch VW importer, Ben Pon, is said to have made the first sketches for the Transporter. There have been 6 generations up to 2021, known as T1 to T6.

VW Transporter

VW Bulli

VW bus
VW bus
VW bus
1949 VW Type 2
VW bus

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Saab 99

SAAB 99 (1967-1980)

The 99 was introduced in 1968. It had a 4-cylinder 1700 cc 85hp in-line engine designed by Triumph. From 1970 onwards It sported many advanced features such as heated front seats and headlamp washers.

Saab 99

1971 SAAB 99

Rover SD1

Rover SD1 (1976-1986)

When it was launched in June 1976, the Rover SD1, was a very bold step forward by Rover standards. Gone was the Auntie Rover image and in its place was a new low drag sporty hatchback.

Rover SD1 2000

Inspired by the Ferrari Daytona, designed by Director of styling David Bache, the 3500, with its 155 BHP V8 engine, showed great promise. Initially very successful, but after a while things started to go wrong, such as paint problems, water leaks, rust, and poor reliability.

The Rover won the coveted European Car of the Year award in 1977.

Rover Car of the Year
1977 Car of the Year #COTY

1982 brought the launch of the Series 2 models, with revised trim levels and body updates, now with most of the problems with paint and reliability behind it, as well as new models being introduced, sales improved.

1985 Rover SD1

Rover SD1 Vitesse

Last in the range was the Vitesse and production ceased in October 1986. In all about 300,000 SD1s were produced.

Peugeot 304

Peugeot 304 (1969-1980)

1971 Peugeot 304

The Peugeot 304 was a scaled-up design of the 204, It was introduced in 1970. Like the 204 it initially had a steering column gear change.

Specification 1975 Peugeot 304 Coupé
Engine 1288 cc 4-cylinder
Power 74.5 DIN @ 6000 rpm
Transmission 4-speed manual
Chassis Unitary
Suspension Independent
Brakes disc (F) drum (R )
Top speed 160 km/h
Dimensions LxWxH 3.76×1.57×1,30 m