1905: John Marston Limited
1920: S T D Motors Limited
1935: Rootes Group
1967: Chrysler Europe
Defunct, marque owned since 1978 by Groupe PSA / Stellantis.

Austin Healey

Austin Healey. Austin-Morris Division, BMC, Longbridge, Birmingham, England 1953-1972

Austin-Healey was a British sports car maker established in 1952 through a joint venture between the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and the Donald Healey Motor Company (Healey)

Austin-Healey 100 1953–59
Austin-Healey 3000 1959–68
Austin-Healey Sprite 1958–71


Vanden Plas (England), London 1960 – 1970; Austin-Morris Division of BMC / British Leyland 1970 – …

Started off as the British branch of the Belgian coachbuilder. The company made bodies for luxury cars such as Bentleys.


Triumph. Coventry, Warwickshire, England 1923 – 1984

Initially part of Standard Motors Ltd, then Leyland Motors Ltd. and finally British Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd / BL plc. The marque was retired in 1984, but acquired by BMW in 1994.


Standard Motor Co Ltd. Coventry, Warwickshire, England 1903 – 1963


Singer. Coventry and Birmingham, England. 1905 – 1970


S.E. Opperman Ltd., Elstree; Borehamwood, Herts., UK. 1956 – 1959

The Unicar was a 2-4 seater microcar constructed from fibreglass. It had a rear-mounted 2-stroke 2-cylinder engine of just 225 cc or 328 cc. The car was also available in kit form.

This miniature GT model, called the Stirling, made its debut at the 1958 London Motor Show. Engine size had grown to 424 cc. Very few were sold.

1958 Stirling


Morris 1913-1984

1912 W.R.M. Motors was renamed Morris Motors Ltd. in 1919.
Merged with Austin in 1952 as subsidiaries of The British Motor Corporation Limited, later British Leyland. The Morris brand name was used until 1984.


Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922-1948

Jaguar Car Limited, Coventry, England. 1948 to date

William Lyons set up business producing high quality sidecars under the name “Swallow Coachbuilding” (later SS Cars ltd) in 1931. They soon switched to designing and building handsome and sporting bodywork for Morris, Austin, Fiat, Swift and Standard. The Jaguar name was first used in 1936 on a beautiful 4-door sports saloon. In 1945 the name of the company was changed from SS Cars Ltd to Jaguar Cars Ltd. Became part of BMC in 1966, then BMH and then British Leyland. Independent until 1990, when Jaguar were bought by Ford. In 2008 they sold Jaguar (and Land Rover) to Tata Motors. Since then Jaguar Land Rover Limited has been an independent subsidiary.

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Humber (UK)

Thomas Humber started making bicycles in 1868, Car manufacture took off in 1898. Part of the Rootes Group since 1930. Chrysler United Kingdom from 1970-1973.