Musee Henri Malartre

Musée Henri Malartre, Rochetaillée-sur-Sâone, France

Visited in 2011

The Henri Malartre museum opened 1960 in a castle in Rochetaillée near the city of Lyon. The collection is primarily focussed on French marques, and in particular those produced in this general region. The castle building houses a large number of vintage and veteran cars, the rest of extensive collection can be found in a newer building in the castle grounds.

1899 Peugeot Type 27 Landaulet

1896 Leon Bollée

1948 Wimille Prototype No. 2

S.T.E.L.SA. EV built during World War II in 1942


1938 Unic U6 Sport Berline

645 rue du Musée
69270 Rochetaillée-sur-Saône

Musée Henri Malartre Castle entrance

Musée Maurice Dufresne

Musée Maurice Dufresne, Azay-le-Rideau, France

Visited in 2019

Maurice Dufresne has put together a museum devoted to France’s industrial heritage, covering a wide variety of artefacts, machines and vehicles. It is housed in a former 17th century water mill on the river Loire.

1906 Titan tractor in the courtyard

1922 Panhard et Levassor

Outdoor exhibits include this Hanomag tractor

Austerity motoring – 1941 Peugeot VLV Electric Vehicle (r)

1922 Renault Type NN and Flat Rad Morgan, alongside tractors and other farm machinery

Delightful deeply patinated steam locomotive


17 Route de Marnay, 37 190 Azay-le-Rideau, France

Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse

Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse, France

Visited in 1983, 2007 and again in 2019

The National Museum – Schlumpf Bugatti Collection is chronicled all over the web and in hundreds if not thousands of books.

And yet in real life it is such a breathtaking display and so well worth a visit! The sheer size of the collection is overwhelming and even the most seasoned of motoring history enthusiasts can tire of the seemingly endless rows of exquisite marques. The Schlumpf brothers were famous for amassing an incredible collection of Bugattis, and when you realise how exclusive Bugattis are – many museums have just one or two – the collection really is huge.

Bugatti Type 35
Bugatti EB110

Hoewever, the museum does have other makes besides Bugattis. Not just French makes such as Delahaye, Delage, Hotchkiss, Citroen and Peugeot, but also Jaguars, Mercedes-Benz etc.

There is also an impressive display of veteran cars

1913 Le Gui B2 Torpedo



Cité de l’Automobile
Musée National Collection Schlumpf
192, Avenue de Colmar
68051 Mulhouse

Entrance to the Cité de l’Automobile