Honda Motor Company, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan. 1946 to date

Honda (USA) Line-up 1977


Tokyo, Japan. 1934 to date

The word Isuzu translated into English means “fifty bells”—hence the focus on “bell” in both the later Bellel and the Bellett.

1953–1962, Minx – Sedan, Isuzu produced Hillman Minx under licence.
1961–1966, Bellel – Sedan
1963–1973, Bellett – Sedan (PR10/20) and Coupe (PR90 & PR91)
1967–1983, Florian – Sedan

Nissan / Datsun

Datsun began manufacturing cars under the name of DAT in 1912. After years of manufacturing trucks, the company returned to automobile manufacture in 1931. The company was renamed first to Datson and a year later, in 1932, as Datsun.

In 1934 the name of the company was changed again, this time to Nissan, although they continued to market cars under the name of Datsun. In 1960 the name Nissan reappeared on cars, although not in every market.