British Motor Museum, Gaydon

British Motor Museum, Gaydon, England

Visited in 2017

The British Motor Museum claims to be home to ‘the world’s largest collection of historic British cars’. The Midlands has always been the centre of car manufacturing in the United Kingdom and it still is, although there are fewer companies active than in say, the nineteen fifties. The museum tells the story of the birth, decline and rebirth of the motor industry and the cars it produced. It is arranged by major theme, such as motoring history time road, design and concept cars, sport cars, movie cars etc.

MG SA on the Time Road

MG Magnette and Vauxhall Viva

Wolseley overlooking the Time Road

1935 Caravan

Part of the Design & Concepts section

HUE 166 the first Land Rover


1974 Austin 1300 SRV 5 safety research vehicle

2001 TVR T400R GT race car

Banbury Road,
Warwickshire CV35 0BJ


Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry, England

Visited in 2017

Coventry Transport Museum collection includes around 250 cars, commercial vehicles and buses, 100 motorcycles and over 350 bicycles. It focuses on Coventry’s role in British transport heritage.

Shown here is a sample of the numerous makes that were built in and around Coventry.

1898 Daimler

1913 Swift Cyclecar

1923 Standard & 1923 Humber Chummy

1935 Hillman Aero Minx Cresta

Lea Francis Hyper

Millennium Place,
Hales Street,
Coventry CV1 1JD,


Coventry Transport Museum 2017