Wolseley 4/50

Wolseley 4/50 (1948-1953)

1949 Wolseley 4/50

“The first glimpse of the Wolseley Four-Fifty gives an impression of a car of unusual grace and style. Designed and built with meticulous care, no detail affecting the comfort and safety of driver and passengers has been overlooked. The 1.5 litre four-cylinder overhead valve engine, with valves operated direct from the camshaft, develops 50 brake horse power. It will cruise happily at 60 m.p.h. and exceed 70 m.p.h. Long torsion bars and telescopic shock absorbers ensure smooth travel, free from roll. Sparkling new colours are founded on a strong “Monoconstruction” body, rust-proofed throughout for long life and lasting beauty. All upholstery is in leather with Dunlopillo foam rubber cushioning. An air circulating and heating unit is standard. Hydraulic brakes are of the latest type Lockheed with two leading shoes at the front; safety glass is fitted to all windows. The Wolseley Four-Fifty is a full five-seater car.”

Source: Wolseley brochure

Specification 1954 Wolseley 4/50 Engine Straight 4, 1476cc Power 50 bhp @ 4800 rpm Transmission 4 speed manual Chassis Unitary construction Suspension Independent front, semi-elliptic rear Brakes Lockheed drum Top speed 120 km/h Acceleration Dimensions