Morris Marina

Morris Marina (1971-1980)

The Marina was the successor to the 1100 and 1300 series.

Morris Marina
Morris Marina

It came in various body styles.

Morris Mini-Minor

Morris Mini (1959-2000)

Initially called the Morris Mini-Minor, the Mini soon became a smash hit all over the world. Its innovative hydrolastic suspension provided superb roadholding, if a little harsh.

MG Montego

MG Montego (1984-1991)

MG Montego

1985 saloon UK
MG Montego

More badge-engineering from Austin-Morris

This car could be had in an all-white livery with accompanying red instruments. The turbo version had a logo on the seat backs. Power is from a 2-litre O-series fuel injected engine. Power steering was standard on the Turbo.

MG Montego

MG Turbo Montego
1985 Montego 2000 Efi


MG B (1962-1980)

1962 MG B Roadster

1962 MG B Engine and Dashboard

The rubber bumper (‘bra’) models are less popular than those with chrome ones.

Lancia A112

Autobianchi / Lancia A112 (1969-1986)

From 1983 onwards the Autobianchi A112 continued in many countries under a Lancia badge.

Lancia A112
1986 Lancia A112

Lancia Beta

Lancia Beta (1972-1984)

Lancia Beta
1973 The unveiling of the Lancia Beta

The Lancia Beta was introduced in 1972. Production lasted for 12 years.

Lancia Beta
1973 Lancia Beta

Lancia Beta
1977 Advertisement for the Lancia Beta

Regrettably, the cars were prone to rusting rather rapidly. Sought-after today by collectors.

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ Series 1, 2 and 3 (1968–1992)

XJ6 series 1 (1968-1974)

The XJ6 of 1968 was a replacement for both the large Mark X and the Mark II saloons. It was low and sleek and exceptionally well refined. The 4.2 litre engine was essentially the same as the Mark X unit, but a new 2.8 litre engine was also offered. Most XJ6s were fitted with automatic transmission, although a manual gearbox was offered.

Jaguar XJ6
1968 Jaguar XJ6

Jaguar XJ6
Jaguar XJ6 series 1

XJ6 series 2 (1974-1979)

It was updated in 1974 as the series 2. Identifiable by the lower grille and higher bumpers. The series III came out in the 1979. The design work was done by Pininfarina. By this time overall build quality was something of an issue. Things improved however, in 1980 and by 1986, when the series came to an end, quality was back at the original high level.

Jaguar XJ6
1974 Jaguar XJ6 series 2

Jaguar XJ6 series 2 interior

XJ6 series 3 (1979-1992)

The car received a facelift in 1979

1979 Jaguar XJ6 series 3

Jaguar XJ6 series 3

1968 Jaguar XJ6
Jaguar XJ6 (4.2 litre)

Straight 6, 4235 cc

245 bhp @ 5500 rpm

3-speed automatic

Unitary construction

Independent front and rear

Girling disc

Top speed
193 km/h

0-96 km/h: 10.1 s

Austin Seven (Mini)

Austin Seven (Mini) 1959 – 2000

On its introduction in August 1959, the Mini was marketed under the Austin and Morris names, as the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor. The Austin Seven, initially written as SE7EN, was renamed Austin Mini in January 1962 and Mini became a marque in its own right in 1969.